Earring Jackets – such a versatile accessory, there’s no need to check the weather!

Do your ball studs lack sparkle? Do your diamonds lack presence, but purchasing larger stones seems out of reach? Would you like to add interest to classic earrings by adding movement or more up-to-date styling?

An affordable way to enhance your existing earring collection is with earring jackets. Slip the post of your stud into the post hole in the jacket, put the earring in your ear, add your regular back behind… and voila!

A bigger look, more sparkle, more fun!
Adding a diamond halo to diamond studs not only creates the illusion of a larger diamond, it also creates an on-trend look often seen in today’s favorite engagement rings.

Or add the same diamond halo to a colored gemstone or small, colorful bead for an entirely different look.

Put a pearl into this black and white diamond jacket for a stunning look that makes a statement, day or evening. Diamonds or colored gemstones could take a turn in the spotlight as well.

Jackets can also be used to add movement or dangle to earrings that lack presence as a stud.

With options like these, any weather is jacket weather.